Stages of Life of a Mosquito and Treatment

If you have a large population of mosquitoes on your property, these are likely in many different stages of life. Getting rid of larvae can be very different from getting rid of adult mosquitoes. While it may be difficult for you to understand how to tackle mosquitoes in each stage of their life, you can opt for professional mosquito treatment in Windsor services.

These services will understand all the growth stages of a mosquito and be able to tackle them at their root. Read ahead to find out about the life stages of a mosquito.


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The first life stage of a mosquito is the egg. Eggs are often laid by mosquitoes on water surfaces. Many of these eggs will simply hatch into larvae. This often happens within the first 24 hours after the eggs are laid.

You will find that some mosquito species lay their eggs separately while others lay them stuck together.


The mosquito larvae hatch and live under the water surface. They come to the surface when they have to breathe and then return. Larvae shed their skin as they grow. This may happen about four times. The fourth time they shed, they turn into Pupa.


You will notice that it takes the Pupa about two days to turn into a grown mosquito. Do note that this stage is a resting stage for the Pupa, and it does not feed at the time.

Adult Mosquito

The pupal skin breaks open, and the adult mosquito emerges at this stage. You will find that this new mosquito will rest on the surface of the water until their skin dries, hardens, and wings spread. Following this, they take flight.


What can knowledge about the stages of the life of a mosquito do for you? It simply points out that these creatures tend to grow largely in water until they fly. Tackling these spaces makes for effective mosquito control.